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Dogs get to romp, play & jump for joy with fur-iends in a supervised, secure and spacious facility that will blow their ears back.

For peace of mind dogs are size matched to a supervised play group that most closely fits his or her style of play.

Daycare hours
Monday - Friday: 7:00a.m - 6:30p.m
Weekends & Public Holidays: 9:30a.m - 3:30p.m

Extended Daycare Hours
(6:30a.m - 9:00p.m)
by prior arrangement, for an additional fee.

Enrollment Requirements


All dogs applying to daycare undergo an assessment to ensure they are properly socialized in a leash-free environment for safety. The assessment takes place on your dogs first day of daycare and will be discussed with you when you fetch your dog that day/evening.


Your dog needs to be current on the following vaccinations: Rabies, Annual Vaccination and Bordetella (the vaccine for Kennel Cough). If the Bordetella vaccine has never been given, or if it has expired, we strongly recommend a seven-day waiting period after the administration, as this may provide your dog with extra protection. We also request that all dogs be on some type of tick and flea preventative dispensed by a Veterinarian or Vet shop.


Puppies must be at least three months old to enjoy playgroup in Daycare. We want to ensure that all dogs have enough time to develop a stable immune system before they are in a communal dog environment.


All dogs six months of age or older must be sterilized / neutered in order to attend Daycare.



Some dogs have more waggle in their step than others! We can help burn off extra energy with a daily walk in De Waal park, so you can pick up a tired pooch that’s ready to put up its paws and chill! Available to dogs attending daycare and charged over and above Daycare fees, except where added value. Subject to terms and conditions.

Healthy Paws

Our Healthy Paws programme is run paw-in-paw with our local Veterinarian and aims to help you keep your dog feeling paw-mazing!

We can help you take care of deworming, annual vaccinations and nail clipping whilst Pooch is at daycare.

Healthy Paws is charged over and above Daycare Fees and is available to dogs attending daycare.


Does Fido have muddy paws?

We’ll do the dirty work and fluff their ruff in the shake of a tail with our on-site Wash-Haus. Available to dogs attending daycare.

Medicated baths also available for Dogs with sensitive skin. For dogs with intricate grooming needs, we offer a free appointment and transport service to Jenni's Pet Parlour in Newlands.


We offer a sleepover facility for short or long stays. Your fur-baby will sleep in a home-style bed in the same cage-free space they were playing in earlier so they are in familiar surroundings with friends they know from day-care. Dogs staying with us burn off energy during a full day of play at day-care and can also have an adventure at De Waal park. After dinner, they’ll get another play & petting session and a treat to settle down with. They will be tired but happy when they go to bed. BowHaus will be their home away from home where they can dream big, stay happy and be safe. There is a staff member on site 24 hours a day. Dogs sleeping over also have free access to our outside area when we are outside of daycare hours (Monday-Friday 07.00-18.30). If you are available on Whatsapp whilst you are away we will send updates, pictures and videos of your fur-kids stay-cation!


Our facility is specially designed to accommodate a variety of canines. You can rest easier knowing that your dog won’t be left alone or put into an unsafe situation with other dogs. You can trust us with medication schedules for diabetes, epilepsy, and other medical conditions. We work hand in hand with your veterinarian to provide the care your dog needs. In case of an emergency our local veterinarian is 5 minutes from our facility and will provide an on-call service when necessary.

We offer a higher level of individual daycare for dogs requiring daytime supervision whilst recuperating from an operation, with vision and hearing deficits,as well as joint and mobility limitations.

(021) 447 4504

(Monday-Friday from 07:00a.m - 6:30p.m)
(Weekends & Public Holidays from 09:30a.m - 3:30p.m)
Late pickups by special arrangement only.